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No Flood 4 Me is a leading mold remediation and flood restoration company. We serve the needs of homeowners and commercial property owners for water damage repair, flood clean up and mold removal in Lawrence and throughout Long Island, New York and the surrounding areas. Our efficient service and 24 hour emergency response ensure a fast response to any emergency situation.

Water damage is stressful and potentially expensive. The most important factor in containing the cost of flood damage repair is to completely dry the space and quickly and thoroughly as possible. We utilize the best technology in our equipment and advanced cleaning techniques for complete water extraction, and to thoroughly clean the furniture, carpets and air conditioning ducts to prevent mold growth.

Excessive moisture provides the perfect environment for mold to grow. This is potentially dangerous to the health of anyone living or working in the building. If mold has begun to grow, please contact us for experienced and competent mold remediation in Lawrence. We begin by thoroughly testing the mold to identify the type and source of the problem.

Once the source and type of mold has been identified, we will evaluate the extent of the damage and formulate a plan to efficiently and safely dispose of the mold. We use the latest techniques and equipment to completely remove the mold from your home. please contact us for a consultation for mold removal, water damage repair or anti bacterial carpet cleaning.

If you are facing an immediate problem with flooding, please contact us by phone for the fastest response possible. We have a 24 hour response team available to respond quickly to your home or business in Lawrence and the surrounding areas of New York. Our fast response for flood cleaning helps to reduce the repair costs later.

Call Us Now! 866-NoMold4