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Dealing with water damage and the mold that can result from water is financially and emotionally stressful. However, avoiding the problem only allows it to grow worse. There is no need to procrastinate; call No Flood 4 Me for flood clean up, mold remediation and antibacterial carpet cleaning. We serve the needs of customers in New York City and New Jersey.

No Flood 4 Me is a leader in flood restoration and mold removal. The most important factor in flood damage repair is fast flood clean up. We offer a 24 hour response team to quickly address flood cleaning, which prevents more extensive water damage repair and mold remediation costs later. Simply call our toll free number for fast service in NJ.

We utilize the latest technological advances and commercial grade equipment to dry out your property completely. Thorough drying is essential for flood clean up and to prevent mold growth. Once the area is dry, we use the highest quality cleaning techniques to clean the furniture, carpets and even the air conditioning ducts to protect your family from mold.

Some of the reasons to suspect mold include recent flooding, excessive moisture or humidity, a musty odor and physical symptoms linked to mold. The best way to determine the source of the problem is to call the experts at our mold remediation company. We will identify the source of the mold and take care of mold containment and removal to restore the indoor air quality in your home.

Anti bacterial carpet cleaning removes not only dirt, but bacteria and mold as well. We use commercial grade equipment and a carpet cleaner that cleans at 212 degrees Fahrenheit to kill the bacteria that results from flood and water damage. After cleaning, we dry the carpet thoroughly to ensure mold won’t grow.

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